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Resident Screening

We work hard to find the right Resident for your investment


How We Screen Your Rental Applicants

Gurnee Resident Screening

We strive to get your investment rented quickly, but feel it is important to get the RIGHT Resident versus the FAST Resident! Spending time up front and finding the BEST Resident for your rental creates a good experience all around, versus one that is stressful and frustrating.

Often times people think they just need to do a quick credit check and verify employment but there’s more to it than that. Our high quality Resident screening process digs deeper. We gather extensive information on the following:

  • Credit Check
  • Debt to income ratios
  • Criminal history check
  • Employment verification
  • Eviction history check
  • Previous landlord references
  • Fraud Detection

Our screening process is not just based on a credit score only - we take a comprehensive look at the overall applicant. This process has proven to be extremely successful.

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As Your Gurnee Property Manager, We Take Care of Everything.


Marketing is key to reducing vacancy time and attracting quality residents. Our industry experience, advertising resources and knowledge of Lake County allows us to effectively market your property to the right audience.

Resident Screening

We conduct extensive screening on all residents and handle everything from moving your qualified resident into their new home, to rent collection, to handling maintenance issues. The screening process begins well before the rental application is submitted. Taking advantage of the best technology and services available to conduct the most thorough screening possible is imperative in today’s market. The decision we make to rent to an applicant is not one we take lightly.

Rent Collection

Our goal as your property manager is for your asset to perform to its fullest potential, which makes rent collection a top priority. Utilizing a fine-tuned delinquency process and clear communication allows us to ensure rent is collected on time and our owner clients’ financial risks are minimized. Let us take this source of stress off of your shoulders.


We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out which include documentation of the property’s condition. Dillon Realty’s team features competent and service-minded maintenance professionals who respond quickly to routine requests and are available 24/7 for property emergencies as well. Our in-house team coordinates maintenance tasks and turnovers, manages capital projects, and conducts regular visits and inspections of your property.


With our detailed financial reporting tools, it's never been easier to keep tabs on your investment. Log into your owner portal to view statements and stay in tune with how your investment is performing. Aside from 24/7 access to your owner portal and reports on demand, you’ll receive monthly rental owner statements with property performance summaries. Your owner draw will be paid via EFT.

Eviction Protection

In the unfortunate event that a resident needs to be evicted from your rental, we will coordinate the eviction process on your behalf and will work with the attorney to ensure the most efficient process takes place so that your investment remains protected.

  • “I can't thank you enough for your support and for everything you do for me to be a worry-free owner. You have always had my best interest at heart. Thank you for making this easy for me.”

    J. W., Owner Client in Wadsworth
  • “Hello and thank you for allowing us to rent your property and for being an awesome landlord to myself and my daughter!”

    S. C., Resident in Zion
  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Dillon Realty for the past couple of years. Katy and her team love what they do, they conduct their business with care and professionalism. They are quick to communicate requests to us and ensure we have everything we need to take care of tenant requests and to make sure home is ready for tenant. The care for tenants and quick follow up to any concerns that may arise is above and beyond. They take requests seriously and find a solution in a timely manner.”

  • “Dillon is always helpful and communicative!”

    C. C., Resident in Waukegan
  • “Katy, Vickie, and the maintenance staff are just simply wonderful. They get right on any issue you are having. Everyone is hard-working and so sweet. I am so glad to be a part of the Dillon family. You guys are all amazing and honest. I appreciate all you have done to get me over here to the 2 bedroom. Katy and Vickie were there the whole time carrying me and my daughter through. You guys are awesome!!!”

    C. C., Resident in Ingleside
  • “You guys are the best. Keep doing what you're doing.”

    Rental Owner Client, anonymous survey response
  • “Great management!”

    Rental Owner Client, anonymous survey response
  • “I am continually thankful for your management! I am extremely busy in other areas, and there's no way I'd be able to go it alone right now!”

    M. A., Rental Owner Client in North Chicago

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