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Blog Post How To Avoid Rental Scams

How To Avoid Rental Scams

With so much demand for housing and such scarce availability, the thought of looking for a new home right now is daunting to many. Unfortunately, scammers have taken note of this opportunity to swindle desperate homebuyers and renters out of their hard-earned money. We’ve b...
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Blog Post Renters by Choice

Renters by Choice

The current sentiment on renters and landlords would lead one to believe that all renters are forced into a lifestyle of throwing away their hard-earned money each month to pay their landlord because they are priced out of homeownership. While this may be the case for some renter...
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Blog Post How to: Get Your Security Deposit Back in Full

How to: Get Your Security Deposit Back in Full

Tenants and landlords everywhere run into security deposit refund disputes at some point. Everyone seems to have a different standard of cleanliness and set of expectations when it comes to move-out conditions. It’s best to not leave anything to opinion and to instead docum...
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Blog Post Services


ServicesLet Dillon Realty Manage your Lake County, IL Rental Property Leasing ProcessProperty marketing and advertising for rent including photographs and videosPrompt Responses to Owner Requests/InquiriesAccepting applications, pre-screening and screening applicants; application...
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