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About Us

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About Us

Dillon Realty was established in 2018 to serve the Lake County, IL area. Our team is comprised of property management professionals possessing decades of experience managing everything from single-family homes to HOAs; large multifamily properties to renovations and new construction projects; subsidized housing to ultra-luxury new construction lease-up buildings and anything in between. We own our own rental buildings in Lake County as well and understand the need to manage the bottom line while providing the best possible service to our residents. We will treat your property with the utmost care and professionalism to promote an asset performing at maximum capacity.

Picture of Kathryn Daniel

Kathryn Daniel

Managing Broker

Picture of Robel Daniel

Robel Daniel

Accounting & Capital Projects

Picture of Vickie Johnson

Vickie Johnson

Property & Marketing Manager

Picture of Erika Salet Escobar-Moya

Erika Salet Escobar-Moya

Leasing & Field Specialist

Picture of Raquel Campos

Raquel Campos

Leasing Coordinator

Picture of Carlos Salinas

Carlos Salinas

Maintenance Coordinator

Picture of Jesus Lopez

Jesus Lopez


Picture of Tachio Torres

Tachio Torres


Picture of Matthew Wilkins

Matthew Wilkins


Picture of Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson


Picture of Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia